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Description of Brazilian buttock workout - Butt, Hips exercises

Buttocks and hips workout - is an effective set of buttocks exercises that works on all the muscle groups of the body, especially butt areas, and allows you to develop bigger hips and beautiful butt. Everything you need - in one application.

⭐ Every girl dreams for a beautiful but and hips. Here we have collected the most effective and proven to work hips exercise to make brazilian buttocks and thighs in ideal forms. More than 25 different types of buttocks exercise will help work out the shape, lose weight and give a perfect look to your figure, to obtain firm beautiful buttocks and hips.

This application is for: if you are a busy person and you have 10 minutes free, if you are a young mother and want to return sport fir and sexy forms - shape belly, legs, buttocks, if you're underweight and do not have the perfect combination of proportions in the figure, if you are looking how to reduce buttocks and if you have a little overweight - this app is for you. Start buttocks and hips workout for women and achieve your sport goals!

Application features:

✓ The application includes more than 25 exercises for all muscle groups, from which you can create your perfect buttock workout. Applications have a detailed description of the implementation, recommendations, and the description of butt working muscle groups;

✓ 3 different programs: basic buttocks workout for women at home, everyday booty workout and complete program with exercise to reduce buttocks - make perfect hips workout and make all your body muscles to work;

✓ A notifications system that will remind you that it's time to do the hips and curves workout. Now you will never forget to do buttocks exercise;

✓ The weight and the proportions of the body tracking system, as well as detailed analytics on them to keep track of your results. Take 30 day buttocks challenge and get ready to see great results.

👍 Very often in sports, especially when it is connected with the problem of support and getting a good shape, and especially in buttocks workout, there exists laziness, there are a lot of "important" tasks to do, which is why it is important to structure your bigger hips workout, and each time entering into the app, you can see at what level in the way of getting beautiful butt and Brazilian hips you are. Tracking and recording of training performance, weight, hips and thighs measurements will serve as a great motivator, and also allow to insert booty exercises into your life and make it a habit.

🏅 In addition, the application was developed by fitness instructor – there are 3 training programs at growing levels of difficulty. Basic program - for beautiful hips and buttocks, 7-minute workout to keep in shape (which is very important, because a one thing is to achieve a result, but it is necessary to consolidate and hold it), and our body sculpt program of increased hard level for getting really sporty butt – this is the answer on the question how to make your hips bigger. Just do hips workout one by one and all the positive chages will come.

😃 Good luck!

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